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Customer Feedback

If you wish to give us feedback, raise a query, or make a complaint, please email us at customerservice@stubblegal.co.uk and include your phone number.


These are some of the responses we've had to our product. We’re a small company (a well kept secret really), but we’d be huge if more people knew about us. So, if you can, please spread the word. We’d appreciate any referrals.


John Dobbin

"I cannot speak highly enough of your service. I went to a Criminal update by Jordans for about £120, expecting to discover developments not covered by Stubb Legal, but surprisingly learnt nothing new except that Stubb Legal had covered everything pretty comprehensively."

Havering Magistrates Court

"I write to thank you for your most prompt despatch of my order."

Steven Levine

"This is my fifth consecutive year as a very pleased customer."

Swansea Council

"It's a good product."

John Edwards

"I had a chance conversation with a member of the Bar who put me onto you. Perhaps the scheme, excellent as it is, needs to be better publicised. It is far more user-friendly than the alternatives on offer."

Ian Bradshaw

"May I congratulate you on this venture. [...] The deadly dull subject matter will always prove a challenge to any voice over artist, but I nevertheless had no problem sitting through them. They are very well produced. [...] If you would like to send me any of your promotional material, I will copy the same to colleagues in Chambers, and will stick it up on the notice boards in the robing room."

Katie Nowell

"Thank you for sending these through on Christmas Eve. [...] I was very impressed by the content of the CDs."

Alcibiades Rossides

"I will be in touch with you shortly to order some more of your lectures which I have found extremely good and helpful in the topics they cover."

Andrew Charman

"I found your materials generally to be of a very high standard."

Robert O'Leary

"May I once again thank you for your excellent service which is both informative and superb value for money."

Rosana Bailey

"The posting of the text on the website is an excellent idea. It allows a print version of the recording to be added to the file. I do not think that any additional facility is required for barristers in private practice."

Robert Price

"Save for partial ambiguity in one or two questions (inevitable), this was superbly presented and ideally suited to the needs of a busy practitioner."

Sheila Gaylord

"I found the tape very helpful and informative and will continue to use your services in future."

Anthony Kefford

"I found the audio recordings not only useful but also an extremely convenient method of acquiring CPD points."

Anis Ali

"Excellent service and contents. Concise and easily accessible form of completing requirements of CPD. Well done."

Gary Robinson

"Thank you for supplying legal audio CDs for the last several years. They are invaluable in keeping my legal knowledge up to date."

Heidi Cotton

"Once again an excellent service."

Ian Dixon

"May I thank you for your excellent service. The materials arrived promptly first thing this morning, and I have spent all day on them. As I said on the telephone yesterday, I will recommend you to colleagues."

Elizabeth Wallis

"What a fabulous and convenient way of earning CPD accreditation."

Catherine Fagan

"An excellent service - to be recommended to practising lawyers everywhere!"

Ian Garden

"Excellent service, as ever!"

Justine Cole

"May I take this opportunity to thank you again for the service you provide. Every year I am impressed with your organisation and I am happy to renew my subscription. I will continue to recommend you to my colleagues"

Niman & Co

"Entirely satisfied. On the odd occasion when discs have been faulty, these have been immediately replaced. Thank you."

Angela Francis

"May I just add that I found this method of undertaking continuous professional development most convenient and enjoyable; the recordings are clear and easy to listen to."

Dolores O'Rawe

"I shall be ordering your tapes again. Very informative and helpful for someone who has been too busy to otherwise attend lectures."

Andrew Howe

"The reliability and content of this service never fails to impress."

Keith Thomas

Overall I think Stubb Legal and it's format is an excellent way of earning CPD points at a reasonable cost.


Numerous barristers have given very positive feedback, including Graham Bailey, Zabeda Maqsood, Damon Goodyear, Nicolas Cartwright, Laura Steele, Catherine O'Reilly, Lee Young, Antony Dalgleish, John Hunter, Stephen Constantine, Darren O'Keeffe, Helen Brandon, Simon Birt, Sarah Pritchard, John Lucas, Ragveer Chand, Paul Cliff, Ian Thomas, Matthew Cottrell, Nicola Moore, Barry Cliff, Mark Stephens, David Callan, Nisha Biswas, Gaynor Lloyd, Bethan Japheth, Katherine Huyton, Julie Slater, Mark Steward, Jonathan Reynolds, Zoe Nield, Peter Kilgour, Michael Morris, Tamsin Silver, David Lamb and Steven Walker.