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Stubb Legal Ltd supplies audio recordings to lawyers. The audio recordings cover all the latest developments in the law. By listening to our audio recordings, lawyers gain credit for the purposes of Continuing Professional Development.


Our address is Stubb House, Winston, Darlington, Durham, DL2 3PP. Our telephone number is 0845 4680860. Our fax number is 0845 4680866. Our email address is mail@stubblegal.co.uk.

About Us

There are several contributors to the audio recordings published by Stubb Legal. The general editor is Jonathan Dickinson (MA Cantab). He practised as a solicitor for five years before working for Stubb Legal. The specialist editor of the Criminal audio recordings is Timothy Sapwell of 6 Fountain Court. The specialist editor of the Civil Litigation audio recordings is Lara Spencer of Walnut House. The specialist editor of the Commercial audio recordings is Stephen Mason. The specialist editor of the Property audio recordings is John Stenhouse. The specialist editor of the Employment audio recordings is Charles Price of No5 Chambers. And the specialist editor of the Family audio recordings is Gregory Rogers fo St Ives.

Content Policy

Stubb Legal is an audio updating service for barristers and solicitors. The scripts are drafted on the assumption that the customer is a lawyer practising in that area. Therefore, only new developments in law and practice are included. This means only three types of news are included: first, statutory legislation; second, practice announcements from one of the various authorities; and third, significant caselaw. Practitioners need never worry that they have missed an important change. Selection of legal developments will mirror closely the emphasis in the most popular legal periodicals. The scripts are drafted just prior to recording, so that they contain all the very latest legal developments. In this way, Stubb Legal is one of the most up to date sources of law. The full scripts of all the audio recordings are posted on the website.


Stubb Legal Ltd is accredited by the Bar, and the Council of Licensed Conveyancers. Each audio recording is just less than one hour, and therefore worth 1 CPD point, or 1 hour CPD credit.

Previous Customers

We have a great deal of positive feedback from previous customers.