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Our Products

Lawyers can buy training courses from us, all accredited for CPD. All of our courses are audio recordings, which means that they are extremely convenient. You can choose your audio courses as either podcasts or CDs. We deliver podcasts online or CDs by post. You can complete your CPD online all in one day. We supply mainly to barristers, but also to solicitors and licensed conveyancers. We have full accreditation from the following bodies: the Bar Standards Board; and the Council of Licenced Conveyancers. Each of our audio recordings is approximately one hour long, and worth 1 CPD point. All of our training material has expert input from barristers .


CPD Podcasts

A podcast is simply an audio file that you download from the internet. Podcasts are usually MP3 files, and all of Stubb Legal's podcasts are MP3 files. Doing CPD online is convenient and quick. A podcast can be listened to immediately after purchase directly from your PC. Alternatively, a podcast can be transferred to your media player.


Current Discounts

Below is a current list discounts which we offer to bring barristers and solicitors cheaper CPD points.

Free MP3 player

When purchasing 6 or more courses from us you can choose from a selection of MP3 players and receive one for free.

Up to 45% cheaper

You will receive a 20% discount when ordering 4 courses, rising in stages according to volume to 45% for 12 courses. This volume discount does not apply to media players.

Other discounts

From time to time we will supply customers with coupon codes for various offers, you can type this during the checkout process.

These offers bring to you the most affordable training online.

Free sample download

Click here for a one minute long sample of one of our courses.


Our Customers

Our products are only intended for lawyers. The recordings are updates ideally suited to barristers, and are highly recommended by previous customers. These courses can fulfil barrister CPD requirements but are also suitable for other legal professionals.


Accredited By

  • The Bar Standards Board (our ID is 1855)
  • The Council of Licensed Conveyancers